Health and Wellness Innovation at Gable Pines

February 16, 2021 | Blog | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes

Seniors and their families are faced with many unknowns today, but one thing is certain – Gable Pines’s number one priority is to protect the well-being, safety and security of residents and staff. This includes implementing advanced technologies, safety protocols and resources that provide the best possible experience – both in everyday living situations as well as in uncommon occurrences such the current pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Deeply Clean.

Gable Pines is designed with safety in mind, implementing cleaning procedures that elevate the meaning of ‘clean.’ Using an Electrostatic Sprayer, we are able to offer maximum clean coverage and precise application of our disinfecting measures. This technology ensures the positively charged solution is drawn towards oppositely charged objects such as door handles, table surfaces, chairs, etc., providing increased and more uniform coverage of the disinfectant. 

Enhanced Enrichment.

Socialization and community activities are vital to ensure psychological health and well-being in seniors. Through all of the challenges our world is currently facing, we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to get creative in how we provide enrichment activities for residents of our communities. We prioritize keeping residents connected with family and friends while maintaining overall safety in our community. 

Dining Flexibility.

Delectable, healthy cuisine is important, so Gable Pines offers options to meet all circumstances. We have customized the experience during the pandemic, and residents have been able to receive delicious, nutritious meals through in-residence meal delivery, grab-and-go selections and reservation service, in addition to enjoying group dining in one of our restaurants when situations allow.  

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