Fresh Dining at Gable Pines

October 15, 2016 | Blog | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes

As part of the community at Gable Pines, you’ve come to expect an outstanding staff, a close community, and carefully chosen amenities. We strive to serve you well in every area—and one of the most important is providing you with a great dining experience.

We specialize in from-scratch cuisine in an elegant fine dining environment. Led by professional chefs and a savvy director of dining services, we can help make eating a social event that’s both enjoyable and healthy.

We’ve brought together the best elements of restaurant-style dining: excellent service, a variety of choices, and a daily and nightly chef’s special. From breakfast to dinner, you’ll feel well served.

The Dining Room
Much like restaurants you’ve experienced before, you’ll be greeted by a server who will describe the specials, offer details on the options, answer your questions about the menu, and take requests for your personal dietary needs. Every fine dining experience offers dessert, so you’ll find that here as well.

The Menu
From the classic Philly steak sandwich to the Gable Pines club salad, you’ll find delicious options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Here’s a taste of your choices at Gable Pines: 



2 egg omelet, with sautéed onions
and peppers, smoked salmon,
and cheddar cheese


Layers of toasted bread with smoked bacon, thinly sliced turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, and garlic herb aioli


Lightly smoked mozzarella-filled pasta tossed with a sweet garden-fresh
marinara sauce, and a fresh baked breadstick


The Chef ’s fresh selection of fish prepared lightly battered, served with cottage fries and coleslaw

Our chef prepares a daily and nightly special using only the finest ingredients, sourced locally for your health and dining pleasure.

We’re proud to offer a dining experience that our residents enjoy so well. For more information, or to learn more about the selection, please contact Brian Pearson, our Director of Dining Services.